Why? Because we build sites that give you access to all the conversion driving features WITHOUT DOWNLOADING EXPENSIVE APPS.

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Be ready to convert with powerful homepage features!

Set your phone number and business hours

More often than not, your customers will call you before an order is placed. Make it easy to call you with a call to action button on your page. Your customers will be able to call you directly from their phone.

Free shipping threshold

It’s been proven that having a free shipping threshold increases the average order size. Boost your sales by letting your customers know exactly how much they need to spend to achieve free shipping. This can be set to any amount you choose.

Social media sharing

Take advantage of free promotions by giving your happy customers the opportunity to spread the word about your awesome website! You have the ability to link your instagram, facebook, and pinterest page. You can also have share buttons on individual product pages too!

Currency Switcher

Want to be ready to sell to customers all over the world? Now you can with a convenient currency switcher. Don’t leave international customers confused or guess how much the product will cost. Your site will automatically recognize where your customer is located so they won’t need to manually switch the currency.

Search Auto-Complete

A convenient tool to help your customers find the products they are looking for faster. With images and product info already displayed, you will make searching for products a breeze!

Chat Bot

If you are selling a product online, you can’t go without a chat bot. Now you can offer support, discounts, collect phone numbers or emails – all while being away from your desk. You can also integrate the same chat bot on your facebook page and chat from one platform.


Having a solid marketing campaign to attract visitors to your website is great. But what good is it if your on site marketing is lackluster? That’s why we focus on converting customers when they visit a website just as much as attracting them to the site in the first place. What do we mean by this? Let’s say a customer visits your website and leaves, or adds an item to their shopping cart and doesn’t go through with the purchase. Do you keep track of these customers? Do you re-target them with another offer when they visit their facebook? Let’s hope so. What if they are on the go and using a smartphone? You can bet that they will not want to be taken through a multi step order process and fill out pages of information. This is where the 1 step checkout comes in handy. Having these crucial features on your website can be the difference between being profitable and not.

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