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  • Boost your sales with effective on-page marketing.
  • We offer the FULL PACKAGE for setting up your online store.
  • We help set up an automated process so you can focus on what matters. 
  • Have an expert team with over 15 years of experience by your side. 
  • A winning combination – HIGHER SALES + SAVING MONEY + SAVING TIME.


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Our eCommerce Set Up Process

If you are not getting the results you want, partner with us and we will turn your online store into a CONVERTING MACHINE! On average, we increase customer sales by 30%.

1) Set up

We start by building out your theme that is fully customizable to suit any business type. Comes with all the features you need to emilimate dependence on expensive apps. 

2) Track

We set up google tag manager and facebook pixels to start building your custom audience right away. You will also have enhanced e-commerce tracking to track sales data and profitability. 

3) Automate

Automate the entire operation from email automation, inventory syncing, chat bot messages, shipping etc. It’s like having your own personal assistant 24/7!

4) Remarketing

Watch those custom audiences build up! When you are ready to upsell previous customers or win back lost customers, we will be too. 

eCommerce Store Operation In Action!

Why Make Us your e-commerce partner?

As you can see, there’s a lot of steps involved with running an eCommerce store. When you partner with us, you have an expert team with over 15 years of experience by your side to help your store prosper!

With every online store we build and set up for our clients, the client is always 100% owner of the site. So if you need help boosting your online sales or just running an online store in general, feel free to reach out to us for a free evaluation. 


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